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Tips for Extending the Life of Your Home HVAC System

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Imagine if HVAC systems were never invented and we had to rely on breezes through open windows and ceiling fans to cool us down. In a place like Kansas City where we have hot and muggy summers, it would be nearly unbearable to be inside our homes with no form of air conditioning. Likewise, though our winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, we do get snow and some daytime highs and nighttime lows below freezing, and without an HVAC system the inside of our homes would be frigid.

We rely on our home HVAC systems to cool us down and warm us up, making a perfect oasis from the escape of the sweltering heat and bitter cold. Since we rely so much on our heating and cooling systems, wouldn’t you do anything you could to extend its life? 

Much like other home components, HVAC systems require frequent maintenance to keep them performing their best and to extend the life of the system. Think of it like this: imagine if you never cleaned your gutters, had your roof inspected, or never pressure washed your home’s siding. You’d have a mess on your hands, with built-up leaves and excess clogs inside the gutter system, a possibly damaged roof beyond repair, and a siding with grime that would take several attempts to get off.

Replacing a home HVAC system is an investment that should last many years with the proper care and maintenance. How can you care for yours? Keep reading to learn some tips for extending the life of your home HVAC system to protect your investment.


The Effects of Not Getting Routine HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems require routine maintenance to run smoothly and to protect the system to prevent failures and damage to other components. But why is HVAC maintenance so important? Below are some of the effects of not getting routine maintenance on an HVAC system:


Poor Indoor Air Quality

Were you aware that your home HVAC system helps keep the air of your home cleaner? When the air conditioning or heat kicks on, the air that’s being pulled inside the system gets filtered before the warm or cool air gets dispersed through the vents in your home. Frequently changing air filters reduces contaminants in the air of your home. However, failing to change the filters and neglecting HVAC maintenance results in poor indoor air quality. Why?

Think of all the contaminants that enter your home through windows, doors, shoes, pets, and guests. All that mold and dust will continue to get filtered through your home with dirty air filters. Likewise, neglecting HVAC maintenance allows the entire system to accumulate mold and dust that would get dispersed throughout your home. Therefore, failing to perform maintenance on your HVAC system results in poor indoor air quality that exacerbates those in your home with illnesses, respiratory diseases, and allergies.


Equipment Failure

Our cars are similar to our HVAC systems; multiple components work together for the car to run smoothly and effectively, so it’s crucial to get frequent oil changes and car inspections to ensure everything runs smoothly. When you aren’t getting regular maintenance, it results in equipment failure, leaving you with costly repairs.

An HVAC system is a unit with multiple components that work together to create a more comfortable environment in your home. All these components work together to regulate a more comfortable indoor temperature while keeping the air inside your home cleaner. Imagine if you never had your HVAC system looked at by a professional – the equipment would be dirty, and could result in failure of equipment or the system as a whole.


Uncomfortable Environment

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day at work or being out of the house for events or functions. Our homes are our oasis to escape the outside world, allowing us to relax and decompress in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, an HVAC system that doesn’t get regular maintenance means you could be coming home to an uncomfortable environment. 

An HVAC system with built-up dirt and mold has difficulty working efficiently, leading to uncomfortable temperatures inside your home. It has difficulty regulating a comfortable temperature when it’s dirty or has failing components.


Larger Carbon Footprint

We all want to protect the environment and leave as little a carbon footprint as possible, whether driving electric vehicles or using less plastic. A dirty and unserviced HVAC system will have dirt and mold buildup, forcing the system to consume more energy to regulate a comfortable temperature. Therefore, failing to keep up with routine maintenance on your HVAC system results in a larger carbon footprint.


Increased Heating & Cooling Bills

As previously mentioned, HVAC systems that haven’t been serviced regularly will have a buildup of dirt and grime, forcing the system to work harder and run for longer periods to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the home, resulting in increased heating and cooling bills.


Voided Warranty

Most HVAC systems have warranties that cover the system for 10 years, give or take. Warranties require that the HVAC system be serviced and well maintained or the warranty is voided, something you don’t want to be faced with if it has a defective part.


Early HVAC System Replacement

A dirty, unkempt HVAC system has to run constantly to regulate the indoor temperature, resulting in the system running more frequently and for long periods. This puts unnecessary stress on the system, forcing it to work harder and longer than it should. This puts wear and tear on the system, leading to a system failure and requiring an early replacement.


Tips to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Luckily, an experienced and professionally trained HVAC company can help with HVAC maintenance, ensuring your system runs longer and smoother, prolonging its lifespan. Below are some HVAC maintenance tips to help protect your system between service appointments:


Keep up With Air Filter Replacements

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping up with air filter replacements. Clean air filters lead to better indoor air quality, protecting the health of loved ones who suffer from allergies or have respiratory illnesses. Clean air filters also help maintain a comfortable temperature, reduce your carbon footprint, and protect the system by not having it run constantly and putting unnecessary stress on all components.

There are many different types of home air filters, so finding the best one for your family is easy. Some offer protection against most allergens while others trap larger debris, all offering varying levels of efficiency. Read this helpful guide to learn how often to change your air filters.


Ensure Your HVAC Unit is Free of Debris

Your HVAC unit is exposed to the elements year-round, and in Kansas City, it experiences weather patterns like snowfall, ice storms, subzero temperatures, and sweltering heat with high humidity. Our weather is unpredictable, and high winds and severe storms can dump debris on or near your HVAC unit, forcing it to work harder. Periodically check that your HVAC unit is free and clear of debris between service appointments to prolong its lifespan.

Extending the life of your HVAC system is easy if you keep up with routine service appointments, change your filters often, and ensure the HVAC unit is free of debris. At Cates Heating and Cooling, we offer affordable service plans for annual HVAC system maintenance. Our Comfort Club Maintenance Program offers the following:

  • AC tuneup
  • Furnace tuneup
  • 10% off parts and labor for HVAC repairs
  • Priority service
  • No emergency fees!


Contact us to enroll in our Comfort Club Maintenance Program! We’re family-owned and operated with expertly trained technicians who have provided exceptional service for over 50 years. We service Kansas City and surrounding cities, including the following:

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