Managing a successful business requires attention to virtually endless details, one of which is facilities maintenance. Why not let us take part of the burden off your shoulders? A Cates Service Company service contract entitles you to comprehensive maintenance on your heating and air conditioning systems, as well as ensuring that if your HVAC system fails, you will experience the least possible delay before we have your equipment operating once again. Our preventive maintenance service is available to businesses of any size and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization, whether you are operating out of a commercial building, an industrial facility, a medical or IT center, a theater, a retail center, a restaurant, a shopping center, or another space.

Cates provides our clients with the most thorough HVAC inspection in the industry, identifying and rectifying problems large and small during inspections and bi-annual service visits. We also perform routine maintenance, which may include tune-ups, replacing air filters, inspecting ducts and piping for leaks and damage, repairing worn steam traps and valves, and cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils. Over the years, Cates Heating and Cooling has gained an unmatched reputation with commercial accounts by maximizing their HVAC performance (and in turn saving them money), as well as by responding to emergencies with urgency.

Cates has been servicing companies like yours for over 40 years, and would love to add you to our roster of satisfied customers. By investing in a maintenance plan from Cates Service Company, you will gain access to our professional HVAC support staff and experienced technicians in order to ensure that your business operations go uninterrupted.

Cates Silver Service Plans vs. Gold Service Plans

Our Silver Plan is comprised of a biannual inspection that includes a filter replacement. In the spring, we perform a comprehensive system inspection of the cooling system. In autumn, we perform a thorough check of the commercial heating system. The plan also includes a 10% discount on any parts and labor required for repairs, as well as a detailed inspection report.

Our Gold Plan features all of the services above, as well as mid-season inspections. This tier is highly recommended for commercial buildings and facilities that have older equipment, as well as for those that require continuous uptime (e.g. medical facilities, data centers and similar IT clients, industrial or manufacturing facilities, education). Clients may receive discounts on labor, priority service, and complimentary overtime. In addition to a filter change, our commercial service technicians will perform an inspection of parts and electrical connections, clean all coils, inspect drain lines and pans, and check refrigerant levels.

Save Money and Energy by Optimizing HVAC System Performance

In general, cooling and heating represent the largest utility expense incurred by any business. By keeping your HVAC system at peak performance, these costs can be reduced anywhere from 5% to 20%. By having Cates keep your HVAC system well maintained, you can:

  • Acquire Assistance 24/7
  • Acquire Service Documents
  • Extend Your Equipment’s Lifespan
  • Improve System Safety
  • Improve Your Overall Facility Performance
  • Maintain Compliance With Most HVAC Manufacturer Warranties
  • Maximize Your Energy Efficiency
  • Minimize Your Energy Costs
  • Mitigate Loss Of Revenue Due To Poor Performance or Preventable System Failure
  • Obtain Engineering Support

In short, a Cates service plan can save your business time and money in the long run by ensuring that your cooling and heating systems are operating at their peak potential. Call (913) 888-4470 for Cates Heating and Cooling in Kansas City!