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We understand you have many jobs in your daily life. Work, family, and social responsibilities consume your time. Worrying about being comfortable in your home isn’t something you need added to the list! At Cates Heating and Cooling, our purpose is bringing comfort home, and with over 400 years of combined team experience in the HVAC industry, Yes, we can fix it, and Yes, we fix that model. Our annual maintenance programs are the best way to ensure comfort, but in the case of emergency, we can always fix it in a timely and honest manner the first time.  Learn more about our residential services.

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What’s an uncomfortable customer mean to your business? How about uncomfortable employee? The indirect and direct costs can quickly add up. With preventative maintenance, our team’s expertise will ensure the comfort of your business is not interrupted. From office buildings to medical facilities, apartment complexes to manufacturing plants, trust that our 400+ years of combined heating and cooling expertise will fix it right the first time, giving you the confidence of continuous comfort in serving your customers and employees.

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