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The Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems for Home Renovations

Have you ever had the itch to complete a massive home project? Not the smaller kind like repainting the interior or replacing your shutters, but one that involves major construction like a renovation or an extension? Completely renovating your kitchen to update it with the latest technology and trends or adding an extension for extra space for your home significantly impacts your home’s value.

If you are contemplating a major renovation or adding an extension to your home, you’ve probably done plenty of research. You’ve probably looked into hiring an architect and securing building permits, and materials needed to construct your new space. Along with the construction aspect of a major home renovation or extension, you’ll need to consider how the newly renovated or new room will get heat and air conditioning.

Home extensions and major renovations most likely don’t have ductwork, and either it will need to be extended from your current HVAC system or you’ll need to install a new one. A mini-split system is a great way to add heating and cooling to an extension. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of ductless mini-split systems for home renovations/extensions so you can check that off your to-do list.


Mini-Split Systems Require Very Little/No Ductwork

Unlike installing an entire HVAC system with ductwork, mini-splits require very little or no ductwork to heat and cool your new extension. If you’re unfamiliar with ductwork, they’re tubes that carry heat or cool air to each room in your home. They can be flexible or rigid depending on where they’re placed, often made from metal or synthetic materials. Whether your new extension is a kitchen, bedroom, playroom, or sunroom, installing a mini-split system will require zero ductwork.

Rather than installing ductwork for airflow, mini-splits blow heat or cool air through a small hole, unlike a window air conditioning unit or a space heater. Space heaters are a fire hazard and window units allow air to leak inside and outside the home, increasing energy bills. Mini-split systems provide excellent heating and cooling while eliminating the need for extra construction like installing ductwork in your extension.


They Make an Extension More Comfortable

Since an extension is a new part of your home, your existing ductwork won’t reach it. Rather, the room will be stifling hot in the Kansas City summers and frigid cold during winter. Your current HVAC system will work in overdrive if cool or warm air from your extension seeps into other parts of your home, causing higher energy bills and an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Mini-splits make extensions and renovations more comfortable by making the room warmer or cooler depending on the season. Relying on your current HVAC system to heat and cool your new extension will result in an overloaded HVAC system from the extension stealing airflow from other older rooms in your home, putting stress on your current HVAC system, increasing energy bills, and making for an uncomfortable room.


They Save You Money in the Long Term

Failing to install a mini-split system in your new extension will result in relying on your current HVAC system to provide heating and cooling, even though your extension won’t have ductwork. There’d be no direct airflow to your new extension, so it would need to rely on airflow from surrounding rooms to heat and cool it, forcing your current HVAC system to run more often than it should.

Mini-splits blow warm and cool air into an extension through a tiny hole rather than relying on your current system to heat and cool it. Adding a mini-split will keep your extension warm or cool, never relying on your current HVAC system to run more often than not to keep your new space cool, saving you a substantial amount on your heating and cooling bills.


They Allow You to Customize the Room’s Temperature

If you rely on your home’s current HVAC system to heat and cool your extension, your extension’s temperature will fluctuate. Because it would need to steal air from rooms nearby that get direct airflow from your current HVAC system, the room will be stifling hot during the summer and cold during the winter, especially if the extension has windows. Sunlight will rapidly heat the extension and cold winter air can leak through the outside into the extension, quickly making it a cold room.

Mini-split systems allow you to customize the room’s temperature without changing the temperature in the rest of your home. This is especially helpful if your extension seems too warm or cold, or if it’s a room for a family member who requires a different temperature than the rest of the family.


Mini-split Systems are Energy-Efficient

Many homeowners make the mistake of adding a window unit air conditioner or space heater to a new extension for heating and cooling the new space. However, these heating and cooling techniques aren’t energy-efficient and can greatly increase your heating and cooling bills. Extending your current HVAC system to heat and cool your extension or relying on window units or space heaters will result in wasted energy that increases heating and cooling bills.

Mini-split systems are energy efficient and will help reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Because your extension or newly renovated room will have its own ductless heating and cooling system, it won’t rely on airflow from other parts of your home. Therefore, your current HVAC system won’t need to work longer and harder to cool your new extension.


Install a Mini-Split System From Cates Heating and Cooling in Your Extension

Installing a mini-split system from Cates Heating and Cooling ensures your extension or major renovation maintains a comfortable temperature, reduces heating and cooling bills, and keeps your family members comfortable and healthy. 

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