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Comfort Club Maintenance Program


Annual maintenance for air conditioners and furnaces is crucial for ensuring that your HVAC unit is working at maximum efficiency, usage, and safety.


$17 / month (Single system)

$36 / month (Two systems)

Clean condensing coil and condensate drain
Remove any debris from the unit (Twice a Year)
Check freon charge and add any freon needed (extra charge)
Replace air filter with a new Dust-Stop or Lennox hammock filter (Twice A Year)
Check and tighten all electrical connections
Provide tune-up checklist and report on the unit (Twice A Year)
Check for Carbon Monoxide
Adjust burners and controls as necessary
Test safety controls
Clean and adjust humidifier

1. Cates will endeavor to render prompt and efficient service hereunder, but it is expressly agreed that Cates shall in no event be liable for damage or loss caused by delay or loss arising out of the performance of this contract. 

2. Cates reserves the right to reject any agreement if on inspection by serviceman, equipment is found in condition that service will be unsatisfactory to both parties. 

3. It is mutually agreed that this agreement covers only electrically operated units inside the equipment and does not cover duct work and flue pipe, electrical, or plumbing work or balancing beyond the units, or any work required because of negligence, misuse of equipment or because of fire, flood, acts of God, shortage of electric or water supply, sabotage or damage caused by freezing.

4. No service will be rendered under this agreement if the customer has a past due account. No cash value for unused tune-ups. 

5. No Refunds or transfers of unused portion of contract. 

Comfort Club Maintenance Program


This is your chance to win big on HVAC upgrades! The oldest unit entered will win a York air conditioning system (installation included) valued at $8,000. The runner-up will receive a $1,000 credit, and all entrants will get a $500 credit.