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Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Large Office Spaces

If you own an office space or work in a commercial building, you already know that it becomes like a second home. Full-time and even part-time employees spend a lot of time at work, and office managers and office space owners do everything they can to improve things like company culture and a comfortable work environment to keep their employees or tenants happy.

Part of keeping tenants and employees happy is making them feel comfortable at work whether improving the office’s atmosphere, investing in better/more comfortable office furniture, upgrading office technology, and creating a comfortable climate. Like our homes, the temperature inside the office plays a role in the happiness and comfort of employees and tenants.

Summer is fast approaching and the weather here in the Greater Kansas City area has become increasingly humid and warmer. Office HVAC systems will work in overdrive to keep employees and tenants cool, increasing energy bills. If you own an office building or manage a company, continue reading to learn how to maximize energy efficiency in large office spaces to save money year-round while providing tenants and employees with a comfortable environment.


Weatherproof Your Office Space

Every structure, whether a house, industrial building, or commercial office should invest in weatherproofing. Weatherproofing any structure keeps those inside warmer or cooler depending on the season, but it also saves money and improves energy. Weatherproofing is more than just applying caulk to the windows – below are some of the ways you can weatherproof a large office space:


  • Insulate the pipes throughout the building during the winter months
  • Contact an insulation company to seal windows and air leaks
  • Ensure the office HVAC ductwork is tightly sealed and insulated
  • Frequent roof inspections


Weatherproofing a large office space may seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be. Contacting professional companies with great reviews to inspect and improve the pipes, insulation, HVAC system, and roof will ensure the building’s components are in excellent shape, catching any issues that need repairing before they can create costly damage. Weatherproofing is also an excellent way to maximize energy efficiency during summer and winter.


Use the Right Lighting

If your commercial building or large office space is decades old, it probably has the original lighting throughout the building. Did you know that traditional light bulbs can lead to higher energy bills? Incandescent bulbs, halogen, and fluorescent lighting emit more heat than LEDs, creating an undesirable work environment.

Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs don’t burn out and are 90% more efficient than other lighting. How much can can they save per year? Think about it like this: a single traditional halogen bulb’s energy cost is over $6 per year while a single ENERGY STAR® LED bulb costs a little over $1 while producing the same lumens. Replace all the old incandescent and fluorescent lighting throughout your office space with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs to maximize energy efficiency!


Invest in Shades/Blinds

Some office spaces don’t have window treatments installed, allowing natural light to enter the building throughout the entire workday. Though it’s nice to have natural light enter an office space, it can increase energy bills. Did you know allowing natural light into your commercial building increases energy bills during the warm months? Not only does sunlight warm up an office building, but it is attributed to increased cooling costs.

You don’t need to completely block the sunlight from entering your office space to increase energy efficiency. Instead, invest in shades/blinds for each window to save about 10% on heating and cooling costs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to see a difference; opt for insulated cellular shades, vertical or horizontal blinds, or window films to reduce solar heat gain.


Invest in ENERGY STAR® Products and Equipment

ENERGY STAR® LED bulbs save money, so why not invest in ENERGY STAR® equipment throughout your entire large office space? If you own a large business office or rent/rent to tenants, consider becoming ENERGY STAR® certified. What does that mean? If you switch to ENERGY STAR® products throughout your large office space, you could use 35% less energy! Your business would have a smaller carbon footprint, ultimately protecting our planet.


Keep up With Routine Office HVAC Maintenance

Just like you do for your residential HVAC system, the health of your office space’s HVAC system must keep up with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance keeps the entire system and the ductwork clean, changing filters when needed, and removing dust and other particles that can cause the system to fail. When you keep up with maintenance, you’re also helping to keep the HVAC system in great shape to avoid failures and costly damage.


Install Innovative Heating & Cooling Solutions Throughout the Building

Whether your large office space is hundreds of years old or a newer build, installing innovative heating and cooling solutions throughout is a great way to become more energy efficient. There are many options: boilers, heat pumps, electric, and geothermal heating. You can also install smart HVAC systems with adaptive technology which learn temperature patterns and adjusts the temperature accordingly, great for office spaces with separate offices and rooms.

At Cates Heating and Cooling, we understand how important it is to save money while investing in quality equipment for your office space. We’ve worked with many commercial property owners in and around Kansas City including restaurants, theaters, and other community structures. Our office services have fulfilled the HVAC needs of local Kansas City business owners for over 50 years.

If your office building’s HVAC system is increasing energy bills, putting off an odd smell, not heating properly, or if you regularly hear strange noises, it’s probably time to replace the heating and cooling system. We can help with furnace repair, air conditioning services, a/c repair, and all other office HVAC needs.

Contact Cates Heating & Cooling. We’re family-owned and operated with a team of expertly trained technicians who have provided exceptional service to our customers for over 50 years. We service Kansas City and surrounding cities, including the following:

Kansas City


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& more!

Contact Cates with any questions or concerns about your HVAC system and how we can help you save on your heating and cooling bills!

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