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How to Save on Your Cooling Bill

Summer has arrived in KC and it is H-O-T! These Midwestern summers are full of scorching days and warm evenings. With temperatures reaching the mid-upper 90s, A/C units are working in overdrive to cool down your home. You probably hear your unit kicking on multiple times a day, which can rack up the cost of your cooling bill.

If you like saving money (who doesn’t?), follow the tips below to save on your cooling bill over these next few hot summer months!

78 degree thermostat setting

According to Consumer Reports, keeping your house at 78°F is optimal for maintaining a cool and energy efficient home. If you find 78°F is too warm for your liking, try raising your thermostat by one degree until you’re comfortable. For every degree you raise your thermostat, you’ll save on average around 3 percent on your cooling bill. That’s a huge savings!

Raise your thermostat when you’re not home

If you’re not home during the day, raise your thermostat by four degrees. You don’t need your home to be set at a cooler temperature if no one is home — that’s just asking for a higher cooling bill. If you have pets or plants in your home, be cautious not to set the thermostat too high; setting it just four degrees higher should do the trick. Believe it or not, those four degrees can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Draw your blinds/curtains

We all know how much warmer direct sunlight can make your home. After waking up each morning, draw your blinds/curtains to block out direct sunlight. Closing your blinds also helps insulate your windows, keeping the cooler air from escaping — a double win!

Want to make your home even cooler? Consider purchasing and installing blackout curtains. Some brands block out 99% of sunlight and UV rays, keeping your home nice and cool.

Turn on ceiling fans

Did you know that ceiling fans can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler? Temperatures during summer evenings are usually comfortable so opt for turning your unit off and turning your ceiling fans on when you go to bed each night. Added bonus? Open your windows at night along with turning your ceiling fan on. This combination will leave you feeling nice and cool while you sleep!

Regularly maintenance your A/C unit

Think of your home’s air conditioner as a bear; it hibernates during the fall and winter months, and when spring rolls around, needs some TLC after being asleep for so long. Ideally you have your air conditioner repaired or tuned-up annually — doing so ensures your A/C unit is running optimally to avoid costly repairs.

At Cates, we’ve specialized in heating and cooling services for over 40 years, so you can say we’re experts when it comes to A/C repair.  If you notice your A/C system isn’t running at its best, feel free to contact our friendly team. Our experts have seen it all, repaired it all and service all brands so you know you’re in good hands. Hurry to take advantage of our special offer this summer: a FREE A/C service call with repair – a $98.00 value!

Follow the tips above and keep an eye out for how much you save on your next cooling bill!

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