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The Role of Smart HVAC Systems in Modern Office Buildings

Office buildings have come a long way since the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even early 2000s. Retro office buildings often include old desks with uncomfortable chairs, zero creativity, and one HVAC system for an entire building. Thanks to modern technology, gone are the days when you’d show up to work in an uncomfortable office setting with one thermostat that’s always set too cold or too hot.

Offices have evolved from dull, stuffy work areas to more vibrant, creative spaces that make employees happier and more inspired. More and more offices and office buildings are implementing hybrid options, designing more flexible workspaces, and adding more lounge areas that make employees feel more at home.

Most modern offices have also implemented smart HVAC systems to keep a comfortable temperature in the building, ultimately making their employees happier. Keep reading to learn about the role of smart HVAC systems in modern office buildings for inspiration if you’re looking to transform your office space.


Smart HVAC System Features

Smart HVAC systems keep employees comfortable, never too hot or cold, regardless of where their workspace is in the building or the time of year. There are many different types of smart HVAC systems with features that make them all unique and appease the techiest ones in the office. Below are some smart HVAC system features:


Smartphone Connectivity

If you’re an office building owner or rent an office in a building, you’re probably familiar with how to work the thermostat. Whether it’s a simple wall-mounted thermostat where you slide a bar to an ideal temperature, push a button to increase or decrease the temperature, or a smart thermostat that digitally increases or decreases the temp. Odds are you have one installed in your office that can be manually programmed.

Smart HVAC systems implement smartphone connectivity, where you can install an app that connects your thermostat to your phone. This feature allows you to adjust the temperature in the office from your smartphone, never having to leave an important meeting to turn the A/C up in a stifling boardroom, run to the office overnight to turn up the heat in a freeze warning, or get up and pause important work to adjust the thermostat.


Wall-mounted Motion Detectors

Smart HVAC systems take the technology a step further with optional motion detectors. These are wall-mounted and can detect when an individual enters or exits a private office, hallway, entryway, or wherever the detector is. This allows the smart HVAC system to automatically adjust the desired temperature of the location when the person enters or exits a room or part of the office.

This is especially helpful in offices where employees frequently leave their private offices and you’re looking to cut costs and turn the air or heat down when they’re not in their office. Lowering the heat when an employee leaves their office can save you money and provide a more energy-efficient environment.


Adaptive Technology

Did you know that some smart HVAC systems have adaptive technology that allows them to learn and automatically adjust the temperature in a modern office? Gone are the days when you set the workspace to one temperature, having to get up and down to adjust it throughout the day. With some smart HVAC systems, they will learn your temperature settings and patterns and adjust to your desired temperatures throughout the day automatically. They can also learn when everyone’s left the building and adjust the temperature to save you money.


The Role of Smart HVAC Systems in Modern Office Buildings

Smart HVAC systems have an impact on your business, especially on your employees. Below are some roles of smart HVAC systems in modern office buildings:


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Office buildings with older HVAC systems often leave quite a carbon footprint. Old commercial HVAC systems use and waste energy and emit exhaust fumes and burning smells that lead to poor indoor air quality. Installing a smart HVAC system in your office building will reduce your carbon footprint, helping to improve our ecosystem.


Increased Productivity

Old commercial HVAC systems often struggle to heat and cool the entire office, leading to one side being cooler or warmer than the other. Employees can feel too hot or too cold when the HVAC system isn’t functioning well. Installing a smart HVAC system makes for a more comfortable work environment. Therefore, employees have increased productivity, leading to more success and revenue for your company.


Save Money

Finally, installing a smart HVAC system in your modern office building will help you reduce energy bills, putting more money in your pocket to spend elsewhere in the company. Old HVAC systems can’t warm and cool a building efficiently, leading to higher energy bills.

At Cates Heating and Cooling, our commercial HVAC service is available 24/7. We can install a smart HVAC system in your new modern office building or replace your old HVAC system. We can install a zoned HVAC system to make your employees more comfortable no matter their office location.

If you own a commercial building and want to install a smart HVAC system, contact Cates Heating & Cooling. We’re family-owned and operated with expertly trained technicians who have provided exceptional service to our customers for over 50 years. We service Kansas City and surrounding cities, including the following:

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Contact Cates if you have any questions or concerns about your commercial HVAC system or financing options for a new commercial HVAC system!

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