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What is a Blower Motor?

single speed blower motor

There are so many different parts to your HVAC system that it can be overwhelming to understand what each one does and how they work together to keep you comfortable. When we are servicing HVAC equipment, homeowners often ask about blower motors. This post dives into a little blower motor education and why blower motors a critical component to every HVAC unit.

What is a Blower Motor?

A blower motor turns the fan in your HVAC unit, which causes the outgoing air to circulate out of the system and into the rooms of your home. The blower motor is the part of your HVAC system that gets your home to the temperature set on your thermostat.

Types of Blower Motors

There are two main kinds of blower motors. The first is the single-speed option. Single-speed blower motors will turn on when the thermostat shows that the temperature of your home has dropped or increased past the desired setting.

The second type of blower motor is the variable speed. Variable speed blower motors differ from single-speed blower motors because they have the ability to move at different speeds, which allows them to better control the flow of air in your home. Variable speed blower motors are more energy efficient. They draw around 2-4 amps where the older style motors draw around 12 amps.  Amps are the amount of electricity the motor is consuming. The lower speed also adds to the efficiency.

Variable motors also circulate the air in your home more frequently, which can prevent cold spots in your home. Finally, variable speed blower motors tend to operate with less noise than single-speed blower motors.

Maintaining a Blower Motor

Blower motors need maintenance to ensure that they run properly. You might want to contact an HVAC repair company if you notice that your HVAC system is running constantly, but the temperature of your home doesn’t match expectations. Regular maintenance can help prevent these problems from occurring in the first place, but an HVAC technician can also repair or replace a blower motor should the need arise.

It is a good idea to get on a schedule with your HVAC service company to come out before it starts to get hot for the summer and cold for the winter. During these sessions, a technician can make sure that the blower motor is working properly. Additionally, they can make sure that the fan blades are clean, the motor belt isn’t showing signs of wear and tear, and that the motor is lubricated.

Common problems with blower motors include resistor, fan relay, and climate control switch issues. Most of these repairs are easy for an HVAC technician to fix. Other issues may arise but are much less common.

If you’re experiencing comfort issues in the home due to your HVAC equipment, give Cates a call today at 913-888-4470. One of our expert technicians can come out to give you a free consultation and estimate on any service that you need. If you are interested in getting started with annual maintenance, tune-ups, let the technician know during the visit. We would be happy to get you started on a path of easy preventative maintenance for your air conditioner and furnace.

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