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How to Clean an Electric Furnace

If you have an electric furnace in your home, it is bound to get dirty. Between dust and dirt, your furnace is likely to start blowing out debris into your air. Fortunately for homeowners, cleaning an electric furnace only means focusing on a few parts.

Cates Heating and Cooling is here with a little advice on what you can do yourself and what will need professional attention.

DIY Cleaning Tips

When it comes to cleaning your electric furnace yourself, you need to be sure that you are doing any cleaning in a manner that is safe for both you and your furnace. Damaging your furnace could lead to bigger expenses down the road for repairs. Also, there are a lot of parts on the furnace that could injure you if you aren’t careful. If you are unsure of anything, it is best to call out a professional to help with the cleaning needs of your furnace.

Before you touch anything in your furnace, you should first turn the system off. To turn the system off, you can either use the main power switch on the furnace itself or disconnect the power at the circuit breaker.

The easiest thing to clean in an electric furnace is the air filter. In some cases, the best way to clean the air filter is just to replace it altogether. However, if the filter is sturdy, you might be able to vacuum away the dust and debris clogging it up.

While you have your vacuum out, you can also suck out any dust and debris on the inside of the furnace. If the blower is covered in debris, you can also use the vacuum to remove the debris from the blower as well. If the dirt is really caked onto the blower, you can use a stiff brush first to knock it off.

Cleaning to Leave Up to a Professional

Not everything is safe to clean yourself. It is important that you don’t work on anything that is too dangerous for someone who isn’t a professional or that you don’t feel confident handling yourself. At Cates Heating and Cooling, we recommend calling a professional if you discover that your furnace needs more than a quick vacuuming out. We want all of our customers to be safe around their furnaces, and leaving the cleaning up to us is much safer than trying to do it all yourself.

When a professional comes out to clean your furnace, they will use tools that are designed to get your system really clean. Plus, you won’t have to worry about taking any parts off of your furnace and risking damage to the system. A professional can also deep clean the system and get all of the dust and dirt out of the system in a lot less time. If necessary, ductwork can also be cleaned by a professional.

We also recommend that you have your furnace cleaned and serviced at least once a year. This will prevent a lot of the dust and dirt buildup that is hard to remove from the system.

If your electric furnace is in need of a good cleaning, Cates Heating and Cooling in Lenexa, Kansas, is proud to serve the Metro Kansas City area. Call us today at 913-888-4470 to schedule a cleaning or maintenance visit. Keeping your furnace clean will help keep the air in your home clean, and a clean furnace tends to run better and more efficiently than a dirty one.

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