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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fan Motor?

There are so many different parts of an air conditioning unit, so it can be difficult to know what will need to be replaced and how much it is going to cost to get the unit fixed. If you find out that the condenser fan motor is the problem, you will probably want to know how much the part and the repair services will cost. Fortunately for those in the Kansas City Metro Area, Cates Heating and Cooling can help with those repairs.

When something stops working in your HVAC unit, it is easy to worry about price, because different parts range in price dramatically. Some parts cost only $100 while others can be more than $1000. So, Cates Heating and Cooling is here to answer that question for you.

What is a Fan Motor?

The condenser fan motor helps keep the compressor from overheating. This part cools the refrigerant that moved through the condensing coils in your outside unit. When the air conditioner is running, you can feel the heat being pulled away from the unit if you put your hand over the unit. That is due to the condenser.

There are actually three different motors in your air conditioning unit: the condenser fan motor, which we have already talked about, the blower motor, and the compressor motor. The blower motor is located in the air handler. The compressor motor is located in the outdoor unit, and if it goes out, you will probably need to replace the entire air compressor.

Signs that your fan motor needs replaced include:

  • Higher than normal energy bills
  • Warmer than usual air in your home
  • Longer cooling time in your home
  • Buzzing noise on the outside unit

Call an HVAC repair service company right away if you notice any of the above signs. The faster you get your fan motor repaired, the less likely you are to experience further damage within your unit.

What’s the Cost of Repairing or Replacing a Fan Motor?

The average cost of a condenser fan motor is between $300 and $500 (not including installation).  If the compressor breaks, you are looking at a much costlier problem which could cost up to $2000.

In some cases, your fan motor may be under warranty. It is important to know what kind of warranty you have on your AC, however. A parts warranty is likely to cover the costs for five to ten years after installation. Most parts warranties only cover the cost of the part, and they will not cover labor costs. Some parts warranties will also be invalid if you didn’t register the unit and get regular maintenance checks.

Labor warranties are given by contractors to guarantee their work. Most of these warranties will last for a year or so after installation.

It can be hard to determine the cause of air conditioner problems. That’s why it is important that you call out a professional technician right away if you start to notice issues arising with your air conditioner.

Preventing a Fan Motor Breakdown

To keep the condenser fan motor working its very best for a long time, you will need to keep up with annual maintenance. Oiling the fan motor can be beneficial to its lifespan. Call an HVAC repair service to come out for routine maintenance checks to ensure that your fan motor is in good shape. These maintenance checks are generally a small cost compared to a massive breakdown.

Maintenance checks allow professionals to check on all of the parts of the air conditioning unit to ensure that everything is working the way it should. If there are problems, small fixes can prevent major issues later in the life of your unit. Plus, these maintenance checks can actually help your air conditioner live longer.

If you are looking to get a condenser fan motor replaced or repaired in the Kansas City area, contact Cates Heating and Cooling at 913-888-4470. One of our local expert technicians can have your fan motor replaced in no time, so you won’t be without cool air in the heat of the summer.

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