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Are you looking for Air Conditioning Services in Overland Park? You’ve found the right place. Cates Heating and Cooling professionals are standing by to help you today with all of your HVAC needs!

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Air Conditioning Services In Overland Park

Cates Heating and Cooling has been providing Air Conditioning Services to Overland Park customers for over 50 years. In that time, we have established ourselves as a premier HVAC provider, offering quality service and excellent customer satisfaction.

At Cates Heating and Cooling, Air Conditioning Services are our specialty. We understand the importance of providing these services in a timely manner so that our customers can have peace of mind that their Air Conditioning systems are working properly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of Air Conditioning repair and installation, from minor repairs to major replacements. All of our Air Conditioning services are completed using only top-of-the-line products and parts for superior reliability.

We take pride in the Air Conditioning services we offer to Overland Park residents. Our technicians arrive at your home or business on time, courteous, and well-prepared to handle any Air Conditioning project, big or small. We also provide preventative maintenance service plans to help keep your Air Conditioner running smoothly all year round, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs down the line.
When it comes to Air Conditioners, Cates Heating & Cooling is the team you can trust! Not only do we guarantee quality workmanship at a fair price, but we also provide regular specials on both products and services throughout the year. So don’t wait – contact us today for all your Air Conditioner needs!

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Looking for Air Conditioning Services in Overland Park? Put your trust in Cates Heating and Cooling!

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Services

The Unit is Leaking Water

A leaking air conditioning system can occur due to condensate line blockage, drain pan damage, or even frozen coils on hot days. Having Cates Heating and Cooling professionals inspect and repair any water leaks quickly will save you from costly water damage.

Unusual noises coming from the unit

When an AC unit starts to make strange sounds, it’s often a sign that something needs to be repaired. If your home’s air conditioner is making loud banging or clanking noises, it could indicate a problem with the fan motor belt or one of the internal components.

The temperature isn’t consistent

An obvious sign of an issue with your air conditioning system is when no cold air comes out of vents despite turning up the thermostat for cooling. On hot days if warm air blows out instead, then this may mean that refrigerant levels are low or there is a larger problem within the system affecting performance.

Unusually High Energy Bills

One key indicator that something has gone wrong with your AC unit is an unexpected spike in your energy bills. If you’re running the same temperature setting, but the bill is higher than normal, it could be a sign that there is something wrong with your system, and it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services In Overland Park

At Cates Heating & Cooling, we understand that Air Conditioning emergencies can come up at any time and can be stressful for homeowners. That’s why we offer emergency Air Conditioning services in Overland Park. We understand the importance of getting your Air Conditioner back up and running as soon as possible and strive to provide you with fast and reliable Air Conditioning services. Our experienced Air Conditioner technicians are available 24/7 to respond to any Air Conditioning issues you may have. Whether it’s a broken Air Conditioner or an unexpected Air Conditioning emergency, Cates Heating and Cooling is here to help.

Contact us today and let Cates Heating and Cooling take care of all your Air Conditioning needs. With our team of experienced Air Conditioner technicians, you can rest assured that your Air Conditioning system is in good hands. We guarantee quality service and a job done right the first time around!

We’ve had the chance to help hundreds of clients from Overland Park.

Overland Park, Kansas, is known for its sweltering summers, which makes having efficient Air Conditioning Services crucial for residents’ comfort. Without proper air conditioning during the summer or heating in the winter, indoor temperatures can become intolerable within just a few hours. Air conditioning also helps protect your furniture, artwork, decorations, and electronics from extreme temperatures that could potentially cause damage.


Without professional Air Conditioning Services, it can be challenging to effectively and efficiently manage your home’s temperature. Older air conditioners may not function at their full capacity, resulting in higher energy bills as they struggle to keep up with demand. This not only makes your home uncomfortable but also places additional stress on your finances.


That’s where we, Cates Heating & Cooling, step in to assist with all your air conditioner needs! Our technicians are highly trained experts specializing in air conditioner installation and repair services. They will ensure that your air conditioner is working correctly, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues. We also offer preventative maintenance services to help you avoid future repairs and other costly expenses associated with subpar AC performance. Don’t wait any longer—give us a call today and start your journey towards a comfortable home!

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Weather Conditions in Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas, enjoys hot summers and mild winters, with temperatures reaching up to 90F in the summer months. Over the past five years, these average temperatures have remained relatively unchanged; however, temperatures can spike unexpectedly for days at a time during extreme heat waves. During the summer season, it is essential to keep Air Conditioning (AC) systems running at their optimal performance levels to ensure that indoor spaces remain cool and comfortable. Without a functioning AC system, indoor air quality can suffer greatly— causing breathing difficulties and other health-related issues due to the humidity and high temperatures.

Moreover, when an Air Conditioning system fails or is not being properly maintained, it can cause a range of additional issues, such as increased energy costs from an inefficient unit or even structural damage from water leaks due to clogged condensate lines. To avoid these issues, Cates Heating & Cooling professionals offer premium Air Conditioning services in Overland Park that prioritize quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for all HVAC needs. With years of expertise in Air Conditioning installation and repairs, their team guarantees reliable service that keeps your family’s safety and comfort at the forefront year-round.

Our Services

Cates Heating & Cooling has been providing Air Conditioning Services to the Overland Park community for over 50 years. From Air Conditioner Installation and Air Conditioner repair services to preventative maintenance, our team of highly trained Air Conditioner technicians have the expertise to ensure that your Air Conditioner is running at maximum efficiency. Our Air Conditioner maintenance services are designed to help you avoid costly repairs and keep your Air Conditioner running smoothly all year round. We also provide energy-efficient Air Conditioning solutions that can reduce energy bills.

In addition to Air Conditioning Services, Cates Heating & Cooling provides a wide range of HVAC solutions. Our team specializes in heating, ventilation, and air filtration systems that can improve the air quality within your home or business. We also provide a variety of Air Conditioners to fit any budget, from basic models to high-efficiency Air Conditioning systems.
No matter what your Air Conditioning needs are, Cates Heating & Cooling professionals are the best choice for all of your HVAC needs. With our years of experience and knowledgeable team, we guarantee quality Air Conditioner services that keep your family safe and comfortable year-round. Contact Cates Heating & Cooling today to get started!

What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Services

Professional, prompt and fairly priced. They went above and beyond when installing our new furnace to replace the corroded and improperly installed one that came with the house we bought earlier this year. They even took care of a few related tasks to bring our heating system up to code and didn’t charge us a penny above bid. Very happy with our new furnace which is way more efficient than the original one.

– Stefanie


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