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Garbage Disposal Install & Repair

Garbage disposals make our lives more convenient, but we also tend to abuse them, which can lead to damage. When foreign objects make their way into the disposal, you could cause some serious damage to the garbage disposal. Additionally, things like bones, fibrous foods, and grease can clog your disposal. At Cates, we know all about garbage disposals, and our team of professional plumbers can help you should you need to have your garbage disposal repair. Our plumbers can also install new disposals.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Here are a few of the most common types of damage that occur in garbage disposals:

  • Clogs: Clogged disposals won’t drain properly, and you may also notice that food isn’t getting chopped up properly anymore.
  • Leaks: When seals wear out, you might have a leak on your hands.
  • Jams: A jammed disposal is usually caused by too much food being placed into the disposal at once or hard foods being put down the disposal.
  • Hums: If a humming noise comes out of your disposal, you probably have a burned-out motor or impellor.
  • Doesn’t turn on: If your disposal does nothing once you hit the switch, you might need to reset the disposal or check the connection.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

The problems listed above can be easy fixes for a professional plumber, but in some cases, they require extensive repairs. Expert plumbers can often take care of garbage disposal repairs without replacing the unit. In these instances, it is usually just one or two parts that need to be replaced. However, our plumbers also know how to help you choose a replacement disposal in the event that yours can’t be fixed.

Garbage Disposal Installation

If you need a new garbage disposal or are looking to replace an old disposal, Cates can send a plumber to install a garbage disposal for you. We offer efficient disposals that don’t break your budget, and our plumbers can install them in a timely manner, meaning you aren’t left without a garbage disposal for a week or more.

Pricing for garbage disposal installation can vary. If you are looking for an install, contact Cates today for a consultation.

Cates Heating and Cooling is proud to offer plumbing services to residents of the Kansas City area. If you need help with your garbage disposal, reach out to use. Kansas residents can call us at 913-888-4470. Missouri residents can call us at 816-944-1844.

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