Do you find yourself avoiding certain rooms in your home because they’re either too hot or too cold during the summer and winter months? If so, it may be time to consider having a zoned HVAC system installed in your home.

Not familiar with zoned HVAC systems? Not a problem – learn more by taking a look at our answers to some frequently asked questions.


How does a zoned HVAC system work?

Zoned HVAC systems divide your home’s heating or cooling areas into zones based on the heating and cooling needs in each room. Once your home is separated into zones you’ll have control over the temperatures in each specific zone, providing more controlled airflow into certain rooms. For example, let’s assume your bedroom and living room are separated into different zones: if you prefer your bedroom to be cooler than your living room, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature accordingly.


What are the benefits of installing a zoned HVAC system?

In addition to creating a more comfortable atmosphere, zoned HVAC systems can help you save on your utility bills! By keeping certain rooms cooler or warmer, you’re saving money by not heating or cooling your entire home, rather the zones that actually need to be heated or cooled.


Do I need to replace my existing HVAC system to install a zoned HVAC system?

No – a zoned HVAC system lays over the top of your existing HVAC system, so there’s no need to replace anything.


Can I choose which rooms I want in the same zone?

Typically, zones are separated by floor (e.g. the first floor is one zone controlled by a thermostat while the second floor is a separate zone controlled by a different thermostat).


How long does installation take?

Most zoned HVAC system installations take one day or less. For homes with more complicated ductwork, installation may take longer but we’re typically in and out in one day.


Do you offer zoning repair services along with installation?

Absolutely. Our zoning system manufacturers offer warranties, so if you encounter a problem with your system please don’t hesitate to schedule a repair service with Cates.


How much do zoning systems cost?

Because zoning systems need to be installed on top of existing systems, they’re most cost effective when planned with new construction.  When considering a zoning system needing to be installed on top of your existing system, the investment can range from $1K and up, but is dependent on a multitude factors such as the number of zones, dampers, and electrical configuration.  Call us at 913-888-4470 for a free estimate.


Why Cates?

When you choose Cates Heating and Cooling for your new zoned HVAC system installation, you’re choosing specialists who have a combined 400+ years of experience. In addition to our experience, we offer the following:


  • Competitive Pricing – We’ll always match the needs of your new zoned HVAC system installation to your budget.
  • Installation Guarantees – We offer parts and labor warranties on everything we install and we will always honor repairs if they’re in the scope of the warranties.
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee from a third-generation family-owned business



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