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Tips for Saving Money on Heating This Winter

save money on heating

It is no surprise that heating your home can be expensive. However, there are ways that you can reduce the cost of heating this winter. Cates Heating and Cooling has some advice for residents in the Kansas City area looking to save a little money on their heating bill this winter.

1.     Dress for Cold Weather

You have to bundle up to stay warm outside, but adding just an extra layer of clothing in your home can help you feel a lot more comfortable without cranking up the heater. While you might be comfortable wearing a tank top and shorts generally, it doesn’t make sense to heat the whole house while you aren’t wearing much in the way of clothing. Instead, throw on a sweater, a pair of slippers, and a hat to keep yourself extra warm on cold days this winter.

In fact, between a few extra layers and blankets, you might be able to keep your home significantly cooler than you think you need it to be to feel comfortable.

2.     Use Your Ceiling Fan

Since hot air rises, you might notice that the ground-level floor of your home feels cool rather quickly once the heater shuts off. You can use your fan to keep the warm air around longer. By putting your ceiling fan on the reverse setting, you can push heat back down toward the floor instead of just allowing it all to drift up toward the ceiling.

3.     Keep Your Home Well-Insulated

Insulation helps keep the hot air you are pumping into your house inside while keeping the cold outside air from seeping in. If your home no longer feels insulated, it might be time to replace the insulation. Additionally, you might be able to get a tax deduction for replacing old, worn-out insulation. Many people often forget to make sure the basement insulation is still in good condition, so check there, too.

Your home might also not have enough insulation. If this is the case, adding insulation may be a better option than replacing the insulation that you already have.

4.     Check for Leaks Around Doors and Windows

When air is able to sneak in around your doors and windows, it becomes incredibly difficult to keep the air in your home warm. This often leads homeowners to up the temperature more frequently to counteract the cold air that is seeping into the house. Instead of allowing this cold air to drop the temperatures in your home, check for possible leaks around the doors and windows of the house.

Sealing the leaks in your home can help you save between ten and 20 percent on your heating bill. If you want to fix leaks yourself, you can use caulk. Otherwise, you might need to hire a professional to seal these leaks to keep the warm air you are paying for inside. In some cases, you might even need new doors or windows to fix the problem.

Other common places for leaks include the attic, electrical outlets, and where cables and wires enter your home.

5.     Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter can obstruct the flow of air in your home, which can prevent warm air from permeating through your house. To allow for better airflow, it is critical that you frequently change your air filter. Additionally, keeping clean air filters in your HVAC system will also reduce the strain on your furnace, which can help the system perform better and more efficiently, which will reduce what you spend on your heating bill throughout the winter.

6.     Get a Maintenance Check-Up

One of the best ways to save money on your HVAC bills in both the winter and summer is to have a professional HVAC technician perform a maintenance check-up twice a year. A maintenance check can identify any potential issues that could end up being larger problems later. With an annual service plan, you can have routine maintenance performed without any hassle.

To get set up on an annual maintenance plan with Cates Heating and Cooling, give them a call today. Kansas residents can reach Cates at 913-888-4470, and Missouri residents can call 816-944-1844.

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