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Recommended Air Quality Products

Certain air quality concerns should be combatted with certain air quality products. If you are battling problems like secondhand smoke, allergies, mold, or other air quality problems, there are certain air quality products that may benefit you more than others. At Cates Heating and Cooling, we want to make sure that our customers are well-versed in the products that can help them solve their indoor air quality issues.


Respiratory problems like allergies and asthma can be triggered by allergens living in the air in your home. While these allergens can be difficult to get rid of, there are certain indoor air quality products that are known for helping rid the air of these harmful pests. To best combat allergy and asthma-related problems, we recommend using a catalyst air purifier.

A catalyst air purifier uses advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation to focus UV light onto a catalyst. This interaction creates a powerful oxidation effect that kills germs and purifier the air in your home.


Viruses and bacteria often live in the air in our homes—especially if someone carrying the virus has recently been in your home. To keep your family healthy, you might want to consider the purchase of an indoor air quality product called a UV air purifier. These air purifiers use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses with electromagnetic radiation.


When the air in your home is too moist, you are bound to notice odd things happening in your home. Have you started noticing that your windows and mirrors look foggy? Are mold and mildew starting to pop up in your kitchen and bathrooms? These are signs of high humidity in your home. To stay on top of humidity issues, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier.

Whole-home dehumidifiers can keep the humidity levels in your home between the appropriate range to prevent the formation of mold and mildew. Viruses and bacteria can also thrive when it there is too much or too little humidity, so it is important that your home stays between 30 to 50 percent humid to keep everyone in your home safe and healthy.


Secondhand smoke can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you live in a home where people have respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. If your home is at-risk for secondhand, or even thirdhand, smoke exposure, then you might want to consider finding a product that will help keep your air as clean as possible.

HEPA air purifiers are efficient at removing airborne particles, like secondhand smoke, from the air. In fact, they remove at least 99.97 percent of airborne particles from the air. While they may not get every little bit of smoke out of the air, it is a great place to start. However, your best bet here is to refrain from smoking in your home in the first place.


If you are constantly combatting static electricity in your home, you can be sure that the air in your home is far too dry. The air in your home should have a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent. In this range, it is difficult for bacteria and mold to thrive, and static will no longer be an issue for those in your house. A humidifier can help prevent any problems with dry air and static.

If you need help deciding on the perfect product for your home and any of the above problems, feel free to reach out to a Cates Heating and Cooling technician with your questions. We can be reached at 816-944-1844. One of our technicians can come to your home to provide a consultation to help you make the best decision possible.


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