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Kansas City Homeowners Tune In: Why Annual A/c Tune-ups Make Dollars And Sense

We know you’re probably getting cabin fever, and with spring just around the corner, longer days and warmer temperatures are soon to arrive. However, your home’s air conditioner has been playing Rip Van Winkle, hibernating for the past six months. An A/C tune up each spring ensures that when it wakes up, you avoid costly AC repairs. We’ll explain why these tune-ups are critical to the longevity of your system, how they impact expenses, and what entails a standard tune up.

Air conditioning equipment is always subject to the elements, and even if cleaned annually, it has accumulated a year’s worth of dirt and grime. A critical component, called the condenser coil, will have contaminants that impact the coils ability to transfer air, increasing the power it takes to cool your home, resulting in higher cooling costs.

If that isn’t enough to convince you of an A/C tune-up, here are some further benefits:

*Provides safe and dependable operation of HVAC equipment

*Find Items in need of repair before they break down

*Create the most economical and efficient conditions for equipment to operate

*Ongoing understanding of the state of your equipment

So what is involved with a spring A/C Tune Up?

Here are the key items checked off, to ensure your equipment runs optimally and fulfills its life expectancy.

-Clean the condenser coil to provide maximum air flow for operating efficiency and minimized

electrical consumption

-Replace the air filter to provide maximum air flow over the evaporator coil and correct any temperature drop

-Clean and flush the condensate drain line to prevent blockages throughout the summer

-Check the amp draw of all the motors and compressor. If discrepancies exist on any component, we’ll diagnose the cause and advise corrective action

-Check electrical connections for signs of wear or deterioration that may provide a safety risk

-Check and clean the blower assembly and evaporator coil

-Lubricate available motors or blower bearings

-Check operating pressures and the refrigerant charge

-Provide a written report advising the state of your equipment

A spring A/C tune up unquestionably provides the best insurance policy you can invest for HVAC equipment, with marginal investment. So let us ask; What’s your comfort worth?

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