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Five Tips to Stay Warm all Winter

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While summer seemed to last forever this year, the cool air is finally making its arrival in the Midwest. You’re probably finding yourself reaching for a jacket in the chilly mornings and evenings, swapping out your iced coffee for hot and of course starting to enjoy all things pumpkin!

Before you know it we’ll have winter weather advisories across our area and icy driving conditions. While the weather outside can be frightful, you don’t have to be cold. Follow these five tips to stay warm all winter!


  • Wear Layers
    Remember when you were younger and your mother always told you to wear a hat when it was cold outside? Most of the time you ignored her, but her advice would have helped you stay warmer. While the myth that you lose 50 percent of your body heat through your head isn’t entirely true, you do lose heat in places that are exposed. To keep extra warm this winter, be sure to layer up. Put on an extra layer of clothing, wear a hat and earmuffs and extra socks. The more layers you add, the warmer you’ll be! Don’t allow yourself to overheat, though; remove any layers that make you sweat as moisture could make you cold again.
  • Get Moving
    We know how tempting it can be to stay indoors cuddled up under a blanket binge watching Christmas movies, but that won’t keep you as warm as exercise will. When you sit dormant, your blood doesn’t circulate as well throughout your body, leaving you with cold fingers and toes.  Hit the gym, play outside with the kids, take the dog for a walk – do whatever you can to get moving and generate more body heat.
  • Bake
    What makes your home warmer? Turning on the oven. Grab the family and bake some festive cookies and treats! Not only will you enjoy delicious snacks but you’ll also feel warmer. Keeping your oven on, even just for half an hour, will warm up your home and make you feel toasty warm! Plus, who doesn’t want to devour some fresh out of the oven treats? Yum!
  • Prepare your vehicle
    Like we mentioned earlier, before you know it we’ll have winter weather advisories across the Midwest. Getting your car ready for the upcoming snow and ice storms is crucial for staying warm in severe weather. According to the American Red Cross, hundreds of Americans are killed or injured each year by being exposed to both the cold and car accidents on icy roads. Start by getting your car inspected by a mechanic; get your fluid levels, tires, windshield wipers, and heating system checked.

    You’ll also want to either buy or make your own emergency kit to keep in your trunk. Make sure to include the following items that will help you in an event of an emergency: extra blankets, gloves and coats, nonperishable snacks, water, cell phone charger, maps, and flashlights. Click here for a complete list of what to include in a car emergency kit from the CDC. You don’t want to be stranded on the road in the wintertime without being prepared!
  • Have your furnace repaired
    This one’s obviously a no brainer! Your furnace has been off for the past 6 months or so and needs to be serviced. Failing to have your furnace maintenanced regularly can result in a hole in the heat exchanger (which can make your family sick) ,fires, and a chilly home during extreme cold. Having a warm, toasty house during the frigid winter months will make the winter months bearable!


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We hope you and your family stay safe and warm in the upcoming winter months!

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