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Why Changing Your System Filter is a Must

Let’s play a game – we’ll ask questions and you answer.

Question #1: Do you suffer from allergies?

Question #2: Do you have pets?

Question #3:  Do you like to save money?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, we have a solution that can help alleviate your allergy symptoms and help save you money — change your furnace filter!

When is the last time you changed your furnace filter? If you can’t remember, that’s definitely not a good sign. Assuming you get routine maintenance done on your HVAC system, it’s recommended that you change your filter twice a year. But why is it so important? We’ll explain why changing your system filter is a must as well as some benefits to changing the filter.

Alleviate Allergies

Allergies, whether they’re indoor or outdoor, are the worst. Not only do they make your nose run, throat itch and eyes water, they make you sleepy and miserable all season long. Allergens, dirt and debris find their way into your home and into your air system by way of clothing you wear outdoors, pets tracking them inside, closing and opening doors and windows, etc. Regularly replacing your air filter can help to trap allergens and dirt and prevent them from entering the air your furnace puts out.

Control Pet Hair & Dander

We love our furry friends, but let’s face it – they shed like crazy! No matter how often you vacuum and sweep, your house is always covered in pet hair and dander. Pleated furnace filters trap pet hair and dander, preventing them from being distributed throughout your home through your air system.

Save Money

Who doesn’t like to save money? Regularly replacing your filter keeps it running at optimal performance, ensuring it doesn’t have to work in overdrive. Think about it like this: a dirty system has to run twice as hard to pull air through the filter, resulting in a higher energy bill.

Failing to replace your filter can result in worsening allergy symptoms, a buildup of pet hair and dander and a more expensive energy bill. Because you only change your filter twice a year, we know it can be hard to remember when to do so. An easy way to remember is to change the filter on both Memorial Day and Labor Day – just mark it on your calendar and you’ll easily remember!

Of course having an HVAC contractor regularly service your HVAC system can have a huge impact on efficiency and can result in a longer lasting system. If you have any questions about changing your systems’ filter or need to schedule A/C repair or furnace repair services, feel free to contact any of our installation and support personnel by calling (913) 888-4470 or book an appointment online. Our team has a combined 400+ years of HVAC experience and has worked on all types of systems so you’re in good hands!

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