Air Filtration Systems

Poor air quality is caused by dust, dirt, and other debris building up in your air. Having a quality air filtration system can prevent you from breathing in all kinds of gross pollutants.

With four different types of air filtration systems available, a Cates Heating and Cooling technician can help you pick one that suits your home, budget, and lifestyle. Regardless of the type of air filtration system you have put in your home, you’ll be breathing cleaner, healthier air and preventing the spread of illness.

Don’t let your family breathe in dirty air that can cause illnesses. Make sure you have a proper air filtration system installed in your home by a Cates Heating and Cooling technician. In addition to installing new air filtration systems, a Cates technician can also perform any repairs that your filtration system needs.

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Winter brings about extremely dry air, which can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable situations, such as dry skin, sore throat, and excess static electricity. In addition, dry air can increase the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air, leading to increased incidents of illness. Instead of suffering through the discomfort, invest in a humidifier.

Humidifiers help keep you and your family comfortable even when the air outside is dry by adding moisture back into the air as it enters your home. This makes your home a more comfortable place to live.

Cates Heating and Cooling is here to install a humidifier in your home and make any necessary repairs over the life of your humidifier.

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If the air in your home holds too much moisture, you are putting your home at risk for mold, electronic equipment failure, and more. Instead of just putting up with it, you need to invest in a dehumidifier, which can help remove the moisture from the air in your home to make it safer to breathe.

A dehumidifier can help you prevent mold and mildew growth, as well as make your home more comfortable, especially in the summer when the air is hot and full of water vapor that only makes it feel even hotter.

A technician from Cates Heating and Cooling can help you select a dehumidifier that will make your home more comfortable as well as install and repair it, if necessary.

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Duct Repair and Replacement

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable and clean, undamaged and dust-free air ducts are a great place to start.

Not only will properly sealed ducts make your home cleaner, they also prevent a lot of energy waste. As air leaks through the air ducts, less of the heated or cooled air makes it into the rooms where you need it, so you have to keep adjusting the temperature to make it warmer or cooler to be comfortable. Over time, this adds up to a lot wasted energy and money.

Leaky air ducts can quickly reduce the quality of the air in your home and cause a spike in your electricity bill. Call Cates Heating and Cooling if you notice heating or cooling problems in your home. You may need your air ducts repaired or replaced.

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