What to Check Before Calling an HVAC Technician

Dealing with HVAC outages or heating and cooling problems can be overwhelming, but do you really need to call an HVAC technician out to fix it, or is there a simple solution that you can handle yourself?

Cates Heating and Cooling doesn’t want you to have to pay for a service visit if your problem is something that you can fix yourself. Before calling out a technician, watch the video below to see if you can handle making your home more comfortable.

The video covers:

  1. How to check and replace thermostat batteries
  2. How to check your circuit breaker
  3. How to check your furnace’s on/off switch
  4. How to check your air filter
  5. How to adjust the dampers in your ductwork

With these basic steps out of the way, you will know whether you actually need to call a technician out to your home to service your HVAC system.

If your HVAC system does need to be serviced, call Cates Heating and Cooling today at 913-888-4470